Rolling plastics: Recycling plastic parts from scrapped end-of-life vehicles (ELV) in the Basque Country to obtain high-added-value granules.


The purpose of the Rolling Plastics project is to rescue the different plastic materials from end-of-life vehicles (VFU) to turn them into plastic granules of a quality accepted by the market in a pioneering system in the Basque Country. The project places special emphasis on separating the different plastic parts that make up a vehicle, depending on the type of plastic they are made of.

ZICLA is leading this project, with the participation of the companies Econia and Jubedi and the Gaiker technology centre.




The project has received the support of the European Regional Development Fund – ERDF – and forms part of a package of industrial projects demonstrating the circular economy promoted by Ihobe in 2016. It is also in line with the aims of recovery and reuse established by the New Royal Decree for ELV, with the aim that, on average, 85% of the weight of an ELV should be recovered.