EcoService: Creation of a manufacturing hub and innovative introduction of sustainable plastics in the Basque industry.

Due to the introduction of the European Commission’s requirement to use at least a certain percentage of recycled plastic in products from sectors such as the automotive sector, the demand for this type of material has grown exponentially. Today there is not enough good quality recycled material to satisfy all the demand of the Basque industry and therefore, in 2018 the EcoService Eco-innovation project began with an expected duration of two years to act as a tractor in the value chain of recycled plastics and boost demand for them among Basque companies.

EcoService objective and activities.

200324 gaiker BRTA economia circular sostenibilidadEcoService, seeks to become a hub for the introduction of sustainable plastics in the Basque industry by offering a portfolio of unified services to the plastics industry in the Basque Country that considers all parts of the value chain. This will be carried out through the traction of plastic flows that GAIKER-BRTA and ZICLA have detected and partially characterized previously in the exercise of their activity in the Basque Country, in addition to newly proposed flows.

EcoService leadership and financing.

Logo Ihobe 2019The EcoService project is led by the Gaiker Technology Center, a member of the  Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), and has the technical support of ZICLA.


200327 Logo UEFEDER14 20 lemaThe EcoService project is financed by Ihobe, and co-financed by funds from the EU ERDF program.