Source: ZICLA®

Development of rigid boards with carpet from the Barcelona trade fair centre

The aim of the project was the development of rigid boards using the coloured carpet waste generated at the Barcelona trade fair centre.

The carpet waste.

171022 triturado moqueta fira barcelona 7The carpet carpet waste is formed by a mixture of very good quality synthetic textile fibers that incorporate fire retardant treatments and that unlike the carpet waste of the automobile sector has bright colors, these properties that make it especially suitable for developing with the Interior design products.


The technology.

The technology used is very simple and consists of the following steps:

  • Crushing carpet waste.
  • Mixed with a small amount of polyurethane resin although vegetable resins could also be used.
  • Pressed in a hot plate press.
  • Plate extraction and cooling.


The product.

171022 triturado moqueta fira barcelona 6The boards manufactured were used for making doormats, draught excluders, Christmas decorations, etc.